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“Murder by Proxy: How America Went Postal” is a masterful documentary examining not just the string of postal mass murders starting with one of the first in Edmond, Oklahoma on August 20, 1986 when 14 employees were shot and killed at the post office by postman Patrick Sherrill…
Director Emil Chiaberi never appears on camera in his subtly subversive documentary “Murder by Proxy: How America Went Postal” (RF Releasing) which could be one of the reasons why it has a lot more punch than most…
Chiaberi’s film does what the news media has failed to do for decades, and goes inside the story, exploring the growth of the postal service itself, and the fact that, like most corporations do, it had put productivity ahead of the well being of the workers.
First-time filmmaker Emil Chiaberi courageously explores the workplace and social conditions that lead discontent workers to unleash their rage in mass killings.
A documentary should always tell you something you didn’t know or present a new way of looking at a subject. Murder By Proxy, shown at EdinDocs last night, did both.
The perception that a workplace shooting occurs after a disturbed individual "snaps" may be misguided. According to the new documentary "Murder by Proxy: How America Went Postal," workplace violence stems not from one bad apple but rather a toxic workplace culture.
...real intent of Murder By Proxy: How America Went Postal goes far deeper than what I had initially expected.Murder By Proxy is about rage in the workplace, and in American society at large.
...It has a real Social Network feel to the sound, which keeps you interested in what the doc is telling you...
 Director Emil Chiaberi in conversation about his documentary, and workplace violence and mass murders that are not so random after all.
Emil Chiaberi's MURDER BY PROXY looks at group killings in the workplace and school... and then connects the dots. It's this connection that makes his movie so fascinating and well worth one's time.
Murder By Proxy: How America Went Postal is a fascinating documentary that looks at the spree-killing phenomenon of years past through the lens of a socio-economic shift that began during the Reagan era.
"Murder by Proxy: How America Went Postal" : It starts out as a straightforward examination of why some U.S. Postal Service employees went on shooting sprees in the '80s. (The main culprits: managers who savagely harassed vulnerable individuals and pushed them to the breaking point.) But then, in a breathtaking leap, Emil Chiaberi's documentary argues that beginning with the Reagan administration, American workers havebecome ever more powerless; today so many of us feel economically trapped that we face an epidemic of "going postal". A fine example of spitting-mad, in-your-face filmmaking.